The Secret Garden - (Chicago Wilderness Magazine, Winter 2009)
Kids in one of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods run free on a former dump site that their neighbors transformed into prairie, wetland, and savanna...

People: Nurture and Nature - (Chicago Wilderness Magazine)
Kids d
on't play outside anymore. Nature is old fashioned, and the future looms electronic.
If we don't change that soon, who's going to care about our country's wild places?
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Natural Youth - (Chicago Wilderness Magazine)
Meet nine inspiring kids who kayak in winter, help monarch butterflies, discover birds, and testify for nature.

The Mane Man - (Chicago Tribune Magazine)
A non-scientist's curiosity kills assumptions about big cats. Searching for sunbirds in
Africa, Tom Gnoske may have discovered a new species of lion

Peregrines Learn to Hack the Big City (Chicago Wilderness Magazine)
Twenty years after their introduction to the glass-and-steel canyons of Chicago, peregrines are fighting
over prime real estate

Monk Parakeets on the Loose (Chicago Wilderness Magazine)
Flashes of green in the alleys of Hyde Park and other Chicago neighborhoods, these small parrots
have lived for years in communal nests. After hearing their raucous calls, one can believe pet owners
let them out the window

Taking Nature's Pulse (Chicago Wilderness Magazine)
Wild animals and rare plants live near Chicago. To find out what, monitors slog through ponds and ramble over moraines

Burn and Rebirth (Chicago Wilderness Magazine)
Fire brings plants new life, but what happens to tiny animals during a prairie burn?

Sharing Seeds (Chicago Wilderness Magazine)
Together, 15 families make a rural wilderness by restoring their separate land