A Mikrokosmos for Strings (Chamber Music Magazine, Sep-Oct 2010)
Geoffrey Hudson's short pieces for string quartet pitch new-music ideas at young players...

Net Gain for Composers (Chamber Music Magazine, Nov-Dec 2008)
They never say 'no' to a new work...

Game, Set, Match (The Strad, August 2008)
Do four instruments made from the same tree sound best as a quartet?...

Meet Your Maker: The Lure of a Modern Instrument (Chamber Music Magazine, May 2008)
Price isn't the only reason to buy a new violin, viola, or cello. Working with a maker is a creative enterprise.

Bargaining Power: Ensembles in Academe (Chamber Music Magazine, Dec 2007))
Ever wonder what their contracts say? String quartets, which earned tenure and higher salaries at universities this year, are breaking ground for other ensembles and for artists of all types...

CSO Cello Audition (Chicago Magazine, June 2005)
You think landing your job was tough? Try getting hired to play cello for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Paul Katz: Master Collaborator (Strings Magazine, Aug/Sept 2007)
1st in a series about string quartets. How the cellist of the late, great Cleveland Quartet launches new ensembles ...

Making It (Strings Magazine, October 2007)
2nd in the quartet series. As jazz moves into concert halls, classical music uncorks new audiences in bars and pubs. Shostakovich sells beer ...Read Article

The Finish Line (Strings Magazine, November 2007)
3rd in the series. In the competitive world of chamber music, professional musicians run a marathon to win faculty positions

Janos Starker (Strings Magazine, Aug / Sept 2006)
He's intimidating, but is he cold? The legendary Hungarian cellist inspires devotion from his students. ... LinkToArticle

Reaching Out and Touching Hearts (Sfz, The Strad)
Young musicians forget themselves when they play in prisons, schools, hospitals...

Quartet Cheerleaders at Banff (Gramophone, Nov 2007)
Emotions run high in this audience at a string quartet competition...

Tokai Quartet Scores at Banff (Opus Classical, Winter 2007-08)
Toronto's Tokai Quartet wins prize at ninth BISQC

Jade Simmons (Chicago Magazine, Feb 2008)
Premieres with hot rhythms motivate this pianist, a Miss America runner-up...

Bar-room Tales (Sfz, The Strad)
They'll play anywhere, anytime, to woo new audiences
... ReadArticle